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January 10 2015 Milford NJ Workshop 


The Spiritual Solution
One-Day 12 Steps Workshop

Take and Take Others Through the 12 Steps
in the Simple and Direct Way of AA’s Founders

The spiritual solution to alcoholism and addiction is achieved by taking the 12 Steps and then taking others through the 12 Steps as described in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, the “text book” of AA. The 12 Steps is the only program of recovery presented by Alcoholics Anonymous.

The 12 Steps are found in the first 164 pages of the book Alcoholics Anonymous.

“Nothing so much insures immunity from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics.” p89 Big Book 

Upon completion of this workshop, each participant will have taken all 12 Steps as presented in the book Alcoholics Anonymous and understand fully how to take others through the 12 steps, further ensuring continued sobriety.

We use the book The Spiritual Solution – Simple and Effective Recovery Through the Taking and Teaching of the 12 Steps as a guide to the 12 steps as presented in Alcoholics Anonymous. It is provided at cost ($5) at the workshops and is available in paperback and Kindle format at Amazon.com. A link is to your right –>

The 12 steps as a program of recovery will work for many if not all alcoholics, and those addicted to other substances, who actually take the steps as described in the Big Book. This web site and the Spiritual Solution One-day 12 Steps workshops have been created to present the 12 steps in a way that is very close to the method used by early “sponsors” taking the steps with their new “sponsees”, including Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith.

It is estimated that Dr. Bob took over 5,000 men and women through the steps in his 15 years of sobriety. That works out to one alcoholic a day! Obviously Dr. Bob did not take weeks, months or even years to take the still sick alcoholic through the steps. He did not make desperate alcoholics wait until they “felt better.” Most addicts and alcoholics never are able to get to the point where they are “feeling better” without taking the steps. Dr. Bob insisted on taking very sick alcoholics through the steps immediately and then insisted that they do the same, take others through the steps immediately, if they were to stay sober.

In the early days of AA, the recovery rate of people in AA was much higher at 50% to 75% than the 3% to 5% estimated today. Also, the overall AA membership has not grown significantly in over 30 years and has stayed at about 2 million members. We went from a fellowship growing exponentially for many years to stagnation. Many alcoholics continue to suffer, and many more die, due to disregard of the 12 Steps or the many embellished and complicated individual methods used today. Please click here to view sources for these estimates.

Due to many influences from outside and inside AA, we have moved away from what Bill W, our cofounder stated was the SOLE PURPOSE of an AA group:

Bill & Bob

“Sobriety – freedom from alcohol – through the teaching and practice of the Twelve Steps is the SOLE PURPOSE of an AA group. Groups have repeatedly tried other activities, and they always failed. If we don’t stick to these principles, we shall almost surely collapse. And if we collapse, we cannot help anyone.”
Bill W., Grapevine article February 1958

Affirmed as a guiding principle of AA by the AA General Service Conference in 1969,1970 and 1972

It is our hope that you find the information on this website and participation at the Spiritual Solution workshops helpful in achieving and maintaining sobriety through taking the 12 steps and then taking others through the same 12 steps. This is how AA works.