Special (Exclusive) Meetings

The Following is an excerpt from the chapter “Special Meetings”

Meetings catering to “special circumstances” have no place in AA There is nothing gender, problem, sexual orientation, or age related about the 12 steps, and there is nothing that cannot be talked about regarding recovery through the 12 steps at any genuine AA meeting. If one feels that there is something “special” regarding a problem that cannot be resolved by practicing the 12 steps, the resolution is outside the focus and effectiveness of AA.

AA is the spiritual solution to our COMMON problem, recovery from alcoholism. Special problems and unique situations have nothing to do with our common problem. Taking step one, conceding to our innermost self that we are alcoholic, is what unites us in purpose as a fellowship. It is a vital admission, that as far as our disease and our recovery is concerned, we are all the same. By insisting on what makes us unique, we separate ourselves from the common solution to alcoholism.

As AA members it is our responsibility to only carry a clear and loving message of recovery that includes all alcoholics who seek the spiritual solution. Predatory, prejudicial and intolerant behavior has absolutely no place in the spiritual setting of an AA meeting. Meetings must have a feeling of safety and welcome to anyone and everyone. All of our lives depend on it.

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