The weather was perfect as we had a cool day after a long hot summer. It is such powerful experience to again take all 12 steps  with a roomful  alcoholics. As we each took the steps individually, I was stuck by the miracle of recovery – we were a roomful of  50 alcoholics NOT DRINKING and developing comfortable, contented and useful sobriety as a direct result of simply taking the steps as they are presented in Th Big Book! I look forward to see some of you again at the October 13 workshop, as well as all of the new friends we will meet then. We will continue to keep the participation to approximately 50 as this seems to work logistically much better than the 70+ at previous workshops. Moira and I have added workshops as the  interest has grown and we are now holding them approximately every two months. The October workshop will be the last for 2012 and we will schedule the next for early January 2013.

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