Yesterday’s workshop was an amazing experience of “how it works!” Over fifty folks in recovery taking all 12 steps together as they are presented in the Big Book!

The Atlantic City “young peoples group,” 25 happy, joyous, and free alcoholics, of all ages, made an always powerful experience even more so – Thank you Denise, Diane and all who took the bus. Moira and I hope to see you soon. Denise, thank you for the thoughtful gift and card, they were both heartfelt and touching.

Brian, John S, and Ben – thank you for your continued support. Moira and I could in no way present the workshops without your help.

It is always great to see old friends: Karen D, Stacey M, John O, Gus, Elliot and Tamar – thank you for your continued service! As always we a had broad representation of ages, length of sobriety (5 days to 30+ years!) and addictions.

It is always so pleasantly amazing to see the transformation in so many from  when you arrive. There is some obvious nervousness and unsettled looks prior to the workshop. All that changes once we all actually take the fourth and fifth steps in the simple and straightforward manner it was intended!

From talking  to most of you, I know you now have confidence in your daily program, and in taking others through the steps. I will say it once more – “nothing so insures immunity from drinking but intensive work with other alcoholics! ”

Thank you all. Moira and I hope to see you all again soon. Peace and sobriety.

John H and Moira K

And just one more thing…….. As we unite in common purpose, take the steps, connect with a higher power, let go of the past, create a new present and future, we truly do experience a new freedom and a new happiness!!!! My heart was overflowing yesterday as I changed and seeing you all change, right in front of my eyes! Nothing beats it!

Thank you naked John for the cookies, Tamar for the great care and thoughtfulness with the fruit, etc.

I feel blessed beyond words to be part of such a miraculous community.

cheers! moira




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