Step 11

“Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God”

Many people in recovery, even those that have actually taken the 12 Steps, pay little attention to Step 11 and meditation. Due to a lack of understanding and influenced by other’s misunderstanding of the steps in general and meditation in particular, a key component of the 12 Steps is overlooked. Without taking time to sit quietly and cultivate the awareness of a higher power, the effectiveness of the 12 Steps is greatly diminished.

At Cross River Meditation Center John teaches meditation classes in Frenchtown, NJ and Flemington NJ appropriate for those with no meditation experience as well as seasoned meditators. In both locations a dedicated community of meditators has come together to support each other’s spiritual growth and deepening understanding of self and their relationship with a higher power.

More information about Cross River Meditation Center can be found here: Cross River Meditation Center

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